Sigulda and its surroundings offer a variety of opportunities for recreation in nature.

They are wonderful walks through the Gauja National Park Ievziedi, or golden autumn and recreation throughout the year.

Sigulda Gauja ways of doing things can be observed from the air tramway, enjoy Aerodium vertical wind tunnel, a toboggan ride, Vučko summer bob sleigh or on the Luge and bobsleigh track. Leisure and adventure parks Mežakaķis Tarzan. Boat trips along the river Gauja. Bicycle trails and bicycle paths of many kilometers. Sigulda winter, snow-capped mountains and hills suitable for both alpine and cross-country skiing.





Aerodium - the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe Fulfill the dream of free flight.


Phoneᅠ+371 28384400


Air cableway

Enjoy a ride on the Gauja one shore to the other, watching the outstanding landscape of the Gauja. Extreme lovers might jump from 43 m high cable carat beautiful landmark in National park over Gauja river.


Poruka Street 14, Sigulda

Phone +371 67972531


Ferris wheel

From Ferris wheel overlooking the valley and the city of Sigulda.


L. Paegles Street 21, Sigulda

Phoneᅠ +371 29555882

Electric car

Boat electric-attractive way to see the beautiful sights of Sigulda those who do not want to travel long distances measured in feet.


Sigulda, Svētku Square / L. Paegles Street 21


Hot air balloonin

Memorable walk in the clouds above Sigulda and Turaidas-avalanche of positive emotions - a gift for any celebration.


Tobogganing slope and chairlift

Sigulda tobogganing track is created on one of the steepest slopes Latvian. The track runs on a roller-coaster principle and allows a speed of up to 40km / h, which each may limit the application of the brake. The chair lift is the first and most modern in the Baltics. During the trip, there is a beautiful view of the Gauja and Gauja valley for several kilometers.


Peldu iela 1,Sigulda

Phone +371 2700118



Catapult you will enjoy the acceleration and the rise in the sky, followed by a position in zero gravity, free fall and roll back rubbers. The flight height of 20 meters.


Peldu iela 1,Sigulda

Phone +371 2700118


Water tourism

Possible boats and rafts exciting trips along the river Gauja.



Raiņa Park, Sigulda

Phone +371 296861336

Ski slopes

Runs in the family circle and leisure and extreme sports enthusiasts and snowboarders.



Bobsleigh and Luge Track

Rides in the winter and summer bob and Vučko, along with the instructor leaving the complex curves.


Šveices Street 13. Sigulda

Phoneᅠ+371 67973813


Vidus Street 1, Sigulda

Phone +371 6797007


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